Calendar Piece III, Phase II: All Saints, 2012
Performance. Courthouse, Brussels, Belgium

During March and April 2012, the entrance hall of the Brussels Palace of Justice
was taken over by an artwork by Samyn entitled All Saints. Presented in vitrines, this work consists of 188 copies of the same book, each one opened to one of its 365 pages. Each page shows a photograph of a first name found engraved on trees or benches, then made golden by the artist. Confronted with this work of art, visitors were invited to contemplate the wanderings and reference points continuously present within people. To support his proposition, the artist realized a performance consisting of a declamation of all the names in the main entrance hall of the Law Courts. This performance points towards the theatrical character inherent in the system of law: the required gestures, specific language and ceremonial behavior of both the juries and the accused.

Pour la deuxième phase de cette œuvre intitulée All Saints, Fabrice Samyn
a investi le hall d’entrée du Palais de justice à Bruxelles en mars et avril 2012. Sous des vitrines étaient présentés 188 livres ouverts. Chaque page représentait un des 365 prénoms (trouvés gravés dans l’espace public et dorés par l’artiste). Avec la volonté d’appuyer sa proposition, l’artiste a réalisé une performance qui consistait en une déclamation continue de tous les prénoms dans la salle des pas perdus.