Oil on Canvas, 10 formats of 80 x 120 cm each

With this work composed of 10 paintings depicting fountains of flowing water, samyn engages with the question of continuity: water never flows twice in the same way. For a painter, it constitutes the non-representable, since when it is in continuous movement, it cannot be captured or fixed to the canvas. as a symbol for renewal, vitality and perpetual renaissance, flowing water also has a powerful erotic connotation, alluding to the circle of life and death. it evokes male ejaculation and puts us back in touch with our instinctive, animal dimension. ejaculation, synonymous with orgasm, embodies that dual dimension of time: both the infinite, forgetting oneself, and engendering, heredity, death.
The transitions between the differents colours of the sky illustrates the passage of time. The sky here frames the emptiness that surrounds itself with infinity. emptiness as a concept is essential to Buddhism and the splashing done in a few breaths is not without reminding us its art of calligraphy.